A Cambridge certificate for people who are interested in teaching English and have little or no experience in the area

Who is it for?

CELTA is a course for novice teachers or people who are interested in teaching English as a foreign language.

Why do it?

CELTA is a widely recognized certificate and considered the first step into an international career in English teaching.

How is the course organised?

Teachers can opt for the full-time CELTA course, offered in the months of January and July, or the part-time course, which lasts one semester.

A third option is the Celta online, offered in a blended format, with input sessions held via online platforms and face-to-face teaching practices for the course evaluation.

Cultura Inglesa also offers CELT-P and CELT-S, specific qualifications for teachers who work with children in primary (6-12 years old) and secondary (13 to 17 years old) education.

Why Faculdade Cultura Inglesa?

Cultura Inglesa is an award-winning institution that is recognized for its academic excellence. We are also a renowned training centre with very experienced internal tutors, and a special venue dedicated for teacher training initiatives. We make use of the latest technologies employed in education, as well as interactive whiteboards and exclusive learning platforms (e-Campus).

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